10 Common Questions Asked by Testers

We receive great questions from our testers every day, so we collected the most common questions in case you’ve been wondering about these things as well. Check them out!

1. Can anyone be a beta tester for Betabound?
Yes, anyone can be a beta tester for Betabound! Developers seek testers from all sorts of backgrounds, so there’s no “techie” experience necessarily required. That being said, our ideal tester is at least eighteen years old, and is someone who is responsive, clear, and puts their best foot forward. Even if you feel like you might not be a fit for our tester community, you most likely are, so we encourage you to join!

2. What is Centercode?
Centercode is the beta test management company behind Betabound that built the platform you use during Betabound tests. Centercode has helped companies of all shapes and sizes connect with their target markets (that would be you) to get feedback on their products and ultimately improve them before launch.

3. How do I become a beta tester for one of the cool companies you work with?
There are two types of Centercode clients: services and software customers. Services clients (like Logitech, Honeywell, Linksys, etc.) use Centercode’s beta managers to run and manage their beta tests using the Centercode platform. We’ll email opportunities from these companies straight to you if we think your test platforms or testing interests might make you a good fit! We’ll often also announce these testing opportunities on the Betabound homepage and mark them as Betabound Exclusives.

Software clients (like Fitbit, Nest, Sonos, etc.) license Centercode’s beta management platform so their internal team can manage their beta tests. These companies will come to us to find new testers for their communities. You can opt into these emails in your Recruitment Settings so that you can join these fun beta testing communities when the opportunity arises! When these opportunities are posted on the Betabound homepage we mark them as Partner Betas.

4. As a beta tester, what exactly would I be doing?
Being a good beta tester is all about providing helpful feedback. If you’re accepted as a tester for a private Betabound Exclusive test, our team will expect you to log in at least once a day, keep the test a secret, provide your honest feedback about the product you’re testing, engage in discussion forums, and return all the requested testing materials at the close of a test. You’ll receive direction from your test’s beta manager every step of the way, and you can always get help during a beta test if you’re confused by anything.

5. Do I get paid to be a beta tester with Betabound?
No, you do not get paid to be a beta tester for us. All of our testers are volunteers. That being said, testers in our beta tests can earn things like free products and gift cards (not cash) for being great testers!

6. Why do you ask for so much information during sign up?
Our clients are often looking for testers that fit very specific demographics. We ask for this information up front so you don’t have to fill it out every time you apply for a beta test. Plus, this information helps us better match you with exclusive beta testing opportunities that match you with your testing abilities and the products you’re genuinely interested in testing!

7. How can I beta test video games?
We have a feed of video game beta tests from a variety of companies, as well as tips on how to become a video game beta tester. Unfortunately, we don’t run video game beta tests too often, but we recommend joining Betabound so you don’t miss out on opportunities to test all sorts of other products!

8. Do I get to choose which products I get to test?
Yes, each time we have a new beta test you’ll get an email with some information about the test and it’s requirements. You can decide if you want to apply for that test or not, just as you can choose which available tests you’d like to participate in on our homepage.

9. What’s the difference between emailed tests and ones on the homepage?
We email you about Betabound Exclusive tests and Partner Betas that fit the information you provide in your profile. The Betabound homepage showcases a blend of Betabound Exclusive tests, Partner Betas, and Unaffiliated beta tests. Not all Betabound Exclusive and Partner Beta tests appear on the homepage, however, so remember to check your email for these tests.

Unaffiliated betas are from companies that don’t use the Centercode platform or services team to run their beta test, but are still looking for enthusiastic beta testers. We share these opportunities on the Betabound homepage because they offer additional products to test and typically don’t have very competitive application processes. Unaffiliated betas are added to the Betabound homepage daily, so in theory, you could be beta testing 24/7!

10. I feel like I never get picked. What am I doing wrong?
Our beta tests are really competitive, but don’t lose hope! The best way of boosting your chances of getting selected is to be thorough and honest when applying to our tests, ensuring your test platforms and testing interests are up-to-date, regularly checking your email inbox for recruitment announcements, participating in community surveys, and following us on social media to make sure you’re not missing out on beta opportunities or tester tips!

For more advice, be sure to check out our Beta Tester Blog. It has great information about submitting tester feedback, acing test applications, and more! Also, feel free to email us at hello@betabound.com if you ever have any beta-related questions. We’re here to help! Who knows, you might help inspire a future blog post.

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