7 Great Reasons to Become a Beta Tester

Volunteering to be a beta tester for a company is a big responsibility. It involves committing your time and energy to testing a product and providing detailed feedback, often while maintaining complete secrecy. Over the years we’ve had thousands of enthusiastic people devote their free time to testing hundreds of products, and they’ve had a huge impact on the success of those products.

So, what inspires people to become beta testers? Here are some of the top reasons people are drawn to beta testing and why you should join the fun!

1. You learn about new technologies (before anyone else).

If you’re a tech enthusiast or an early adopter, testing the latest technology before it’s publicly available is a huge benefit to being a beta tester. While you’re usually not able to publicly discuss the product or its cool features due to non disclosure agreement (NDA) restrictions, it’s a great feeling to try out a new product before it hits the market.

2. You contribute to the quality of products you enjoy.

Think about all the technology products you use every day to make your job and life easier. As a beta tester, your feedback helps to shape the future of the products you love. You play a direct role in improving that product and influencing where it’s going in the future. Not only is this personally rewarding, but it can also have a huge impact on your life if that product is integral to your business or personal life.

3. You enhance your professional and personal knowledge.

Learning the new features of products you care about before they’re released is a great way to improve your professional skills and expand your horizons. You have the chance to become an expert on a product before anyone else, which can be incredibly useful in your career or your favorite hobby.

4. You can network with people who share similar interests.

Many technology products appeal to a specific group of people that you might not have the chance to meet otherwise. A good beta test provides a unique opportunity to be social and network with these like-minded individuals who share your interests.

5. You’re part of an exclusive community of testers.

Beta testers are a select group. For a product that sells millions of units, it could be that only a handful of people get to see it before it’s released. Getting to be part of the group that’s trusted with this sensitive information is a big, but rewarding, responsibility.

6. You can earn free products and other testing opportunities.

Being a great beta tester also has its perks. Testers that participate and provide solid, relevant feedback throughout their test will often get some sort of thank you gift at the end. This can be the product itself, a gift card, or the opportunity to join more exclusive tests in the future.

7. You have fun!

Perhaps most importantly, beta testing is fun! You get to play with new technology, see what it can do, and talk with others who are just as passionate about it. That’s pretty hard to beat!

These are all great reasons to become a beta tester, but there are a lot more that didn’t make the list. So, what did we miss? Why did you decide to become a beta tester? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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