Betabound Ambassador Program

What is the Betabound Ambassador program?

The Ambassador program is a special, opt-in group of Betabounders that can earn rewards by helping recruit new testers for specific opportunities. By participating as a Betabound Ambassador, you’ll increase your chances of being selected for one of our private tests. Ambassadors also get to preview and provide feedback on new ideas and programs before we release them to Betabound as a whole.

How does it work?

We’re often tasked with finding very specific types of users to participate in our tests. For example, users may need to live in a specific area, be in an age range, or have a certain expertise. As an Ambassador, you’ll be notified via email when we need help finding these users.

Instead of targeting you for a test, each Ambassador Brief will explain the requirements of the test, and the reward for finding qualified testers. It’s then your mission to reach out in your area or network, or to your friends, family, and colleagues, to let them know about the testing opportunity. You’ll be rewarded directly based on how many qualified candidates you find who actively join and participate in that test.

While you’re free to be creative in how you find qualified testers, please don’t break any other site’s rules, and never any laws. Prior to being accepted into the Ambassador program you’ll be required to complete an agreement which confirms these rules, as well as your understanding and acceptance of this.

How will I know when there is a new Ambassador opportunity available?

When we have a new Ambassador opportunity available, you’ll receive an email notification (you’ll receive these for as long as you’re registered as an Ambassador). An Ambassador Brief will be posted in the Ambassador Project that provides specific details on the opportunity.

Do I get paid?

The Betabound ambassador program rewards members in the form of Amazon credit. Projects will have different reward amounts, which will always be clearly stated.

Please note that while we’ve found Amazon credit to be a convenient reward for most of our members we’re also working on alternative compensation for those who don’t use Amazon due to preference or region.

Who can join?

Anyone can become a Betabound Ambassador! All you need is a Betabound account with an Extended Profile completed. Betabound Ambassadors don’t need to be heavily connected or active in social media, but should be comfortable recommending new technology and testing opportunities to friends, family, and colleagues.

Do I need to have tested previously to be an Ambassador?

Nope! There is no participation requirement (or any other expectations, really) to participate in the Ambassador program. If you’re a registered member with a complete profile – you’re eligible!

How do I join?

To join the Ambassador program, simply head to your Extended Profile within your Betabound account, and you’ll find a check-box at the bottom of the page. Check this box and submit the page. Like all Betabound opportunities, there’s no cost to become a Betabound Ambassador.

Where can I find my Ambassador Code?

After opting in to the Ambassador program from your Extended Profile, you have access to the Ambassador Project. Once you’ve signed the Ambassador Agreement and are in the Ambassador Project, click on “My Ambassador Code” from the left hand menu under Resources.

Can I change my Ambassador Code?

All Ambassador Codes are randomly generated, and cannot be customized. These codes are intended to be unique, and are specific to you.

If your Ambassador Code is harmful or inappropriate (it shouldn’t be!), please reach out and a member of our team will take a look.

Does being an Ambassador affect my chances of being selected for tests?

Indirectly, yes. As a Betabound Ambassador, you’re able to demonstrate a level of professionalism outside of the testing environment, which we feel is a sign of a good tester. We like to keep this in mind when you apply to various Betabound tests.

Am I allowed to share a referral link on my social media networks to recruit new members?

Yes, you can share a referral link to an Ambassador Opportunity on social media networks. Be sure to mention your Ambassador Code (found in the Ambassador Project). Each Ambassador Brief will include information on shareable details, and be sure to double check that all of the information you’re sharing is information that is safe to share (as depicted in the Ambassador Brief).

Can I refer someone to join Betabound at any time or only during an open Ambassador opportunity?

You are welcome to refer a friend or family to join Betabound at any time, and it’s always encouraged! However, you’ll only be directly incentivized for your referral if it happens during an active Ambassador Opportunity.

Check the Ambassador Project to see if there are any active Ambassador Briefs, which outline currently active referral opportunities and details the rewards associated with them.

If I have previously referred someone to join Betabound, will I get any credit for this through the Ambassador project?

Thanks for spreading the word about us! Since the Ambassador Project features new and specific opportunities to build a Micro-Community or recruit for a project that needs hard-to find individuals, past referred users do not qualify for credit or an incentive in the Ambassador program.

That being said, anybody you’ve referred in the past is still technically linked to you – just not as part of any Ambassador Opportunity. So, there aren’t any direct incentives involved, however the track record is still there and helps strengthen your account.

If I referred a tester to an Ambassador project and they are selected to test, will their participation reflect back on me?

If a tester you referred is selected for the project but does not successfully complete their required participation, you will not receive the incentive outlined in the Ambassador Brief. However, their performance won’t impact your ability to be selected for tests.

Can I refer a friend or family member from anywhere in the world?

Absolutely! We have members from all over the world, and many of our Betabound Exclusive tests look for international testers.