Decoding the Betabound Homepage

Have you ever visited the Betabound homepage and felt a little overwhelmed by all of the beta opportunities? If you’re nodding your head, then this blog post is for you. Understanding Betabound’s icon guide can be extremely helpful to understanding the symbols and color schemes associated with different beta opportunities, which will help you find the tests that best appeal to your interests.

Product Type

When you visit Betabound, your screen will look something like the image below.


The colors of each beta test opportunity on Betabound’s homepage associate with different product types (both by color and symbol). For instance, the above picture shows a teal background with a mobile icon associated with the Letter Hunt Private Beta. This color and symbol mean this beta test opportunity is a mobile product. Other product types include gaming, hardware, software, TV, and web. Each has their own color and symbol.


Similarly, the beta test opportunity’s desired audience (or tester type) has a specific icon. Going back to our Betabound homepage screenshot, the second icon on the left hand side of each post indicates the audience for that beta test.


The white building icon featured on the Screen Capture Software Private Beta means the desired beta tester is involved in the business world, and can test the product in their professional life. Other possible audiences are developers and personal use.


The last set of visual indicators you’ll find on Betabound’s homepage tell you who is running the beta test. A black Betabound Exclusive ribbon (pictured below) tells you that the beta test will be run by the Betabound team in the Betabound portal. A purple Partner Beta ribbon indicates a beta test that is being run by another company using Centercode’s beta management platform, so the experience will be similar. Lastly, no ribbon means the opportunity is unaffiliated with Betabound or Centercode. These are companies that have asked us to announce their test or are publicly looking for beta testers. The testing experience for these tests will vary widely compared to a Betabound test.


If you ever need a reminder of what a specific icon means, place your cursor over the icon and text will pop up to tell you what the icon represents. You can also click on an icon or banner to be taken to a feed of only that type of beta opportunity. So if you’re a video game fanatic or just looking for Betabound Exclusives, you can bookmark that feed for the future.

Understanding the icons, colors, and ribbons associated with different beta testing opportunities will help you get the most out of your Betabound testing experience. By having a sense of the different icons, as well as using the drop-down “Beta Types” button in the top left hand corner or the site, you can easily navigate Betabound’s stream of beta opportunities to find the tests that interest you.

For more information, check out the complete icon guide.