Filling Out Your “Testing Interests”

Completing your Betabound profile is a simple process. In fact, it’s so simple that Betabound members sometimes forget to slow down and take their time to think out their answers. Most of the information asked is a no-brainer (e.g. address, education, employment, etc.), but when you get to the Testing Interests section, you might be tempted to take a quick glance at the list, check a couple of boxes, and be on your way. This will have a big effect on the beta testing opportunities you end up hearing about from us.

Select Everything You’re Interested In

When we have a beta testing opportunity for our community, we want to make sure that we’re sending it to the right people. That way we aren’t filling your inbox with a bunch of irrelevant stuff. So we use the information in your Testing Interests section to determine whether you’d be interested in the test we’re recruiting for that day. This means if that product type isn’t checked in your Testing Interests, you won’t be contacted about the opportunity.

The problem is, many testers approach this section as “what are my favorite products to test?” and only check a few boxes. This might work for you if you know you’re only interested in specific types of products and nothing else. If you’re looking to hear about the widest range of potential opportunities, however, we recommend looking at this question a little differently. Think about it as “what kinds of products am I absolutely NOT interested in testing?” and simply deselect those boxes, while leaving everything else checked. For example, security software might not be your passion, but there could be some cool new antivirus software that would be fun to try out. Checking that box will make sure that you at least hear about it, so you can make that decision for yourself.

Keep Your Interests Updated

If you haven’t updated your Testing Interests in a while, take a moment to check and make sure they’re still accurate. After logging in to Betabound, look for the link along the lefthand side that says “Testing Interests” under Personal Profiles. There you can see your current settings (you might be surprised what they are!) and add any additional products you’d like to hear about. As with the rest of your profile, it’s important to keep this information up to date so that you continue to hear about testing opportunities that are relevant to you.


Getting Announcements from Our Clients

There’s also a question on the Testing Interests page that says “Would you like to receive recruitments for beta tests managed by our clients?” These are companies that use Centercode software to manage their beta tests (the same software we use to run Betabound tests). These tests can be for big names in tech, such as Nest, GoPro, and Netgear, and are a great chance to join their beta communities.

The thing to remember about these tests, however, is that while the testing experience will be similar (since they use the same platform you’re used to in Betabound), these tests are not managed by the Betabound team. They may have different expectations for their testers or run their tests differently. If you select Yes, you’ll be notified of beta tests by these companies and you can choose if you’d like to join their community and apply for their tests. Once you’ve joined their communities you’ll start to hear about more of their upcoming tests as well, which could lead to some really neat testing opportunities for you.

We test products that fit into every product type listed on the Testing Interests page. If you’re looking to broaden your testing experience and hear about more new and interesting beta tests, updating your Testing Interests is a great place to start.

Do you have more questions about the product types listed or how we use this information? Ask us in the comments below, or by emailing

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