How to Be an Above-Average Beta Tester

One of the best qualities of our testers is their drive to become even better testers. Members of our tester community regularly email us, comment on blogs, or reach out through social media asking how they can become a better beta tester.

We really appreciate this enthusiasm, so we worked with our beta management team to create a chart showcasing the differences between average and above-average testers. Both tester types are key to the success of a beta test, but in our team’s experience, it’s the above-average testers that can really make a project special by going the extra mile. Check out the chart below to see the differences:

avera vs. above average tester chart

It’s important to remember that no single beta tester checks all the boxes of what our team considers an above-average tester — all testers are unique! That being said, the overarching themes of an above-average tester are someone who is collaborative, curious, and thorough. Regardless of your tester skill level, we hope this post taught you a few new ways you could improve your contribution in a beta test. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment below or email us at hello@betabound.

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