How to Best Participate in Our Public Betabound Exclusives

Our Public Betabound Exclusives offer Betabounders a new avenue of getting involved within our community. They’re a great way to become familiar with our beta testing platform, explore new products, and interact with other testers and product developers. They also help you build up your reputation within Betabound, to increase your chances of getting selected for our Private Betabound Exclusives!

With that in mind, we’re excited to announce our first public beta of 2020: An Android mobile game titled The Paladin’s Story.

If this is your first time participating in a Betabound Exclusive test, here are some helpful tips for making the most of your involvement in this public testing opportunity.

Join the Project

Each of our public Betabound Exclusives will have a landing page where you can find out what you are testing and what’s required in order to join. It’s here that you’ll log in (or sign-up) to join.

Some tests will have you verify your testing device by attaching a Test Platform – so be sure to have your profiles up to date!

A project’s sign-up page, which includes a brief description and key details.

If you don’t meet the requirements for a public Betabound exclusive, don’t worry! Our goal is to host a wide variety of public tests, so stay tuned.

Explore our Platform

Public Betabound Exclusives are a reflection of our robust Private Betabound Exclusives. They provide you with a preview of what our platform has to offer. We encourage you to click around and familiarize yourself with the project — especially if it’s your first time testing with us — starting with the Beta Tester Welcome Guide under the Resources section.

A project’s homepage.

Download the Product

Public Betabound Exclusives are designed to be easily accessible. Each product is free to access as a mobile or web application. It’s important to follow the download or access instructions in the test’s welcome message, as shown below.

Once you’ve accessed the product, you’re free to use the product just as you ordinarily would, taking note of your likes, dislikes, issues, and any ideas that come to mind.

Share Your Feedback

You’re free to test at your own pace. Our team is monitoring testers that are actively sharing helpful feedback, but not participating in one of these tests won’t be held against you.

During these two week tests, you’ll participate by sharing feedback using four different feedback channels. We encourage you to get acquainted and submit any product-specific feedback within the project.

Discussions – Join in on a discussion to talk to a product’s development team directly, or start a new conversation about how you’re personally using the product.

Issues – Report an issue whenever something isn’t working the way it should – whether a page isn’t opening or the app suddenly closes, we want to hear about it!

Ideas – Share a suggestion if you have new ideas on how to make improvements to the product.

Surveys – A quick survey meant to assess your experience using the product and if you’d recommend the product to a friend. Since these public tests run for two weeks, there will be a survey shared each week.

The beta product’s development team is actively monitoring all of these feedback channels, and they’re the best people to help you address this feedback. However, any platform-specific issues (like not being able to log into your Betabound account) should be reported directly to our team at

Engage with Others

Public Betabound Exclusives are a great way to engage with product developers and fellow Betabounders directly. Since you won’t sign a non-disclosure agreement, you can freely talk about the product and your experiences using it within our platform. We encourage you to comment on and up-vote other Betabounder’s feedback, as well as share your thoughts with product developers directly.

Our biggest goal is for these public Betabound Exclusives to be collaborative spaces where everyone is actively making a positive difference in a product’s development lifecycle.

We’re looking forward to seeing you participate in our upcoming public Betabound Exclusives this year, starting with The Paladin’s Story! Be on the lookout for more opportunities posted on our homepage. If you have any questions, please email us at

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