How to Best Participate in Our Public Betabound Exclusives

We recently launched our first public Betabound Exclusive featuring the iOS app, Prattle. With close to 2,000 testers participating in this beta test, we’re excited to see where this program goes! Since these public Betabound Exclusives are many Betabounders’ first glimpses into our platform, we wanted to ensure everyone knew how to best participate in these tests. Here are some tips for making the most out of your involvement in our public Betabound Exclusives!

Join the Project

First and foremost, you must join a public Betabound Exclusive to participate in it. On each of our public Betabound Exclusive signup pages, you’ll be able to learn what the product is as well as its tester requirements (i.e., own an iPhone), and you’ll have the option of signing up. Shown below is a screenshot of Prattle’s signup page.

Prattle Public Betabound Exclusive Signup Page Screenshot

To sign up for these tests, you must have a Betabound account (so if you aren’t officially a Betabounder yet, be sure to sign up now!). If you don’t qualify for a public Betabound Exclusive (like not owning an iPhone), then don’t worry! We have a mix of different opportunities coming up, so you’ll be able to participate in the near future.

Getting involved in these public Betabound Exclusives is just a new way to get noticed by our team. Your active participation won’t go unnoticed , but not participating in one of these testing opportunities won’t be held against you either. So if you want to join and poke around — that’s ok! We’re primarily monitoring testers actively sharing helpful feedback.

Explore Our Platform

If you meet the basic requirements of these public Betabound Exclusives (like owning an iPhone in Prattle’s case), then you can join these beta tests right away! Once you’re “in” one of these tests, then you’ll have access to the Betabound platform (hooray!).

Below is a screenshot of the Prattle public Betabound Exclusive when you’re logged in.

Prattle Public Betabound Exclusive Platform Page Screenshot

These public Betabound Exclusives are a great preview of everything our platform has to offer in our more robust private Betabound Exclusives. When participating in our public Betabound Exclusives, we encourage you to click around! Read the Beta Tester Welcome Guide in our Resources section and take a look at the bug report, open discussion, and suggestion sections under Feedback. Familiarizing yourself with the in’s and out’s of each test, as well as understanding the best places to submit different types of feedback, will help you stand out as a great beta tester!

Download the Product

Since these public Betabound Exclusives are meant to be easily accessible, all of these products are downloadable mobile or web applications. Once you’ve joined one of these beta tests, it’s important to follow the instructions in that test’s welcome message to download the product. Below is a screenshot of where you would find that message in our last beta test for Prattle.

Prattle Public Betabound Exclusive Welcome Message Screenshot

All public Betabound Exclusives are free to download. So once you’ve installed the mobile or web app, start playing with the product! Use the product as you ordinarily would and begin taking note of your likes, dislikes, bugs, and your ideas for improvement.

Share Your Feedback

The four types of feedback you’ll submit in these beta tests are bug reports, open discussions, suggestions, and surveys.

Report a bug whenever something isn’t working the way it should — a page isn’t opening, the app suddenly closes, etc. Join in on the discussion to talk to a product’s development team directly, or start a new conversation about how you’re personally using the product. If you have a great idea about a new use for a beta product, marketing tactic, or feature request (e.g. use a different font in the app for easier reading), then share it in our platform’s Suggestions forum. Lastly, these public Betabound Exclusives last two weeks, with one survey being shared each week. These surveys are meant to briefly assess your experience using the product, if you’d recommend the product to a friend, and how we (the Betabound team) can improve your overall experience participating in these unique testing opportunities.

As a reminder, any product-specific feedback is meant to be shared within these feedback forums. So issues like not being able to download an app, or ideas on improving the app itself should all be shared within the project itself. The beta product’s development team is actively monitoring all of these feedback channels, and they’re the best people to help you address these issues. However, any platform-specific issues (like not being able to log into your Betabound account) should be reported to directly to our team at

Engage with Others

Public Betabound Exclusives are an awesome way to engage with product developers and other Betabounders directly. Since these are public beta tests (with no NDAs to sign) you can freely talk about the product, and your experiences using it, within our platform. We encourage you to comment on and up-vote other testers’ feedback, as well as share your thoughts with the beta products’ developers directly. Our biggest goal is for these public Betabound Exclusives to be collaborative spaces where everyone is actively making a positive difference in a beta product’s development lifecycle.

Our next public Betabound Exclusive will go live on February 6th featuring the Google Chrome app, Kumbu. We’re looking forward to seeing you (and your friends) participate in our upcoming public Betabound Exclusive! If you have any questions about our public (or private) Betabound Exclusives, please email us at or comment below. We love hearing from you!

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