How To Get Help During a Beta Test

We’ve all been there. You just joined a beta test and you’re a day or two into testing the new product. You realize you have a few questions and need help, either with the product or the beta platform itself, so what do you do? It’s not always the easiest thing to figure out the best way to contact the beta team, especially when there are so many forums and channels to choose from. That’s why we’ve provided a guide for you to use the next time you need assistance during on of our beta tests.

When You Need Help With The Product

During a beta, you’re bound to run into bugs or problems throughout your testing experience. When you do, the best way to get help is through the Betabound platform. When the product doesn’t work or a feature is malfunctioning, submit a bug report. You can also find a bug report from another tester who is having trouble with the same issue and use it as a chance to contribute to the comment log as a way to let the other tester know they’re not alone. Also, make sure to read the comments from other testers as well. It’s possible one of them could have found a solution or a workaround that could help you solve your problem.

The issue you’re having also might not be a bug. If you’re confused about how to use the product or are having trouble completing a task (like installing the product’s app), create a discussion thread instead. You might be surprised by how many testers have the same questions as you. By collaborating, you might find the answer you’re looking for, while giving the product team valuable insight into the user experience.

Just remember that if it’s a problem with the product you shouldn’t email it directly to the beta team. All feedback about the product must go through the beta test platform so the product team can collect and analyze it. If you email beta managers directly with your feedback, it could get lost in the shuffle and not make it back to the engineers who could fix it.

When the Product Isn’t the Problem

If you need help and it’s unrelated to the product itself, emailing the beta team directly is your best option. If you need to leave the test, you’re having trouble using the platform, or don’t understand an assigned task, a member of the beta team is your best resource.

Every private Betabound Exclusive project has an email alias based off of the project’s codename. Your project’s codename is visible on your test’s homepage. Once you find the codename (typically something like Mongoose, Trek, etc.) add to the end of it. If emailing that address doesn’t work, then email your beta manager directly or use the “Contact Us” button in the platform to email our team with the name of your project and we will help you right away.

We always want to hear your feedback about your beta testing experience. Our team is constantly looking for new ways to improve our processes and our platform. Just remember not to submit feedback about Betabound through the test platform. Bug reports and feature requests submitted through the test platform should only be for the product being tested, not the platform being used to facilitate the test.

When you need help or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to get it. The whole goal of a beta test is to collect all of your experiences — both the good and the bad. Leverage the beta team and fellow testers to answer your questions and help you make the most of your testing experience.

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