Learn About Centercode

Centercode is the Customer Validation company behind Betabound. Centercode is committed to helping every company benefit from the power of beta testing. We’ve helped companies of all shapes and sizes connect with their target markets and improve their products through these four key offerings:

1. Educational Resources

Best practices can mean the difference between success and failure in beta testing, so we’ve developed a library of free beta management resources. Our resources run the gamut from planning guides to legal agreements. They’re completely free for anyone looking to leverage a smarter, more impactful Alpha, Beta, and Field Tests.

2. Customer Validation Platform

The Centercode platform is our hosted customer feedback software that’s built to handle every aspect of managing a beta test. It helps you grow a community of profiled candidates, select the most qualified testers, collect feedback, share results, and much more. If you’re considering how you’re going to manage all the feedback you collect during your test, our platform is certainly worth a look.

3. Managed Services

We understand that some companies don’t have the bandwidth to manage their own beta program, so we also offer fully managed betas. Our team has decades of beta management experience, offering an economical and extremely effective alternative to running your own beta testing program.

4. Tester Panel

Betabound grew out of our commitment to helping our customers find amazing beta testers. Any company can announce their beta test on Betabound and get exposure to thousands of enthusiastic early adopters. Our customers also get private targeted announcements sent to our highly-profiled community members, so they can ensure that they’re speaking directly to their target market.

Interested in learning more about Centercode? Explore our solutions!