Managing Your Beta Test Platforms

Let’s face it, if you’re a beta tester, then you’re probably the type of person who’s regularly upgrading platforms and continuously on the lookout for the hottest new gadget. After all, getting your hands on all the latest technology is part of what makes a beta tester a beta tester, right? This means that the technology you own is going to change frequently. So what does this have to do with your beta testing experience? Let’s take a look.

What Are Test Platforms?

A test platform is the device you use to test a product. For example, if you’re testing software, then the test platform would be your PC or Mac. If you’re testing an app, it would be your smartphone. So part of your Betabound profile is listing the products you own so we can match you with the right testing opportunities. The seven types of test platforms that we ask our testers to tell us about are your mobile phone, home theatre, tablet, personal computer, smart home, wearable, and game console.

As discussed in our previous blog post, in order for you get the most out of the beta testing experience it’s important to be sure that your Betabound profile is current. This means, for example, that if you recently purchased a new TV or phone, you need to update your testing platforms to reflect that change. This is so that we can be sure to notify you of upcoming tests that you may now qualify for because you now own the device that’s necessary to test a certain product. You will also no longer be asked to participate in tests that require the use of previous technology you no longer own.

Pro-Tip: It’s important to include ALL of the technology you use on a regular basis. For example, if you’ve already added your desktop PC to the list, don’t forget to also add your laptop, just in case it fits the criteria for a test that your PC doesn’t.

Companies are often looking for testers that own very specific hardware. For example, if a company wants to put their new Android mobile app through the wringer, they’re obviously looking for people with Android phones, but they’re also looking for a people with a variety of different Android phones, to make sure their app works on them all. That being said, our beta managers will be looking for people with different types of phones. So, if you recently made the leap from iPhone to Android (or just bought a new phone), then it would be a good idea to update your test platforms, so that you’ll receive the most relevant testing opportunities specific to your new mobile platform.

Updating Your Test Platforms

Updating a testing platform is simple: just log in to your Betabound account and click ‘Manage Platforms’ under Test Platforms on the left hand side. This will bring you to the ‘Manage Test Platforms’ page. Then click on one of your existing platforms and update as needed.

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Pro-Tip: You get to choose a “friendly name” for each of your devices. Make this name as descriptive as possible. For example, instead of using “My Phone”, name it “My iPhone 4S.” This way in the future you’ll be able to tell at a glance if the test platform is out of date.

Adding New Test Platforms

If you’ve recently bought something new or realized you forgot to add one of the products you already own, then you’ll want to click on ‘Add New Platform’ on the left side of the page and be sure to get that new gadget on your account.

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Regularly managing and updating your Betabound account information will ensure that you are always informed of the most relevant beta testing opportunities to you. This is the best way for you to maximize your beta testing experience and be sure that great testing opportunities don’t pass you by.

Log in now to see if your test platforms are up-to-date!