Meet our Newest Test Platforms

We’re excited to announce the two newest additions to our ever-growing Test Platform list: Smart Switch or Outlet or Smart Irrigation Controller! If you’re not too sure if you currently own one of these devices, don’t worry! Let’s take a closer look at what they are to see if you need to update your test platforms

A smart switch or outlet is a device that grants wireless, remote control over other appliances that are plugged into electrical outlets, making these typical appliances “smarter.” With a smart switch or outlet, you can power on and control your older devices wirelessly. Recently, companies like Amazon, C by GE, Samsung, and TP-Link (to name a few) have added smart switches or outlets to their line of products, allowing for older devices to benefit from a smart connection.

A smart irrigation controller is an internet-connected irrigation system or device that will let you control your gardening remotely. While these products aren’t as widely available as some other gadgets, we are curious to see how many of our Betabounders are reaping the benefits of upgrading their home gardens. 

To add either of these new Test Platforms, log into your Betabound profile and head to the Test Platforms section of the homepage.

Click on “Add a Platform”

Click on Smart Irrigation Controller or Smart Switch or Outlet (if applicable)

Give your device a Friendly name (for example: “My living room smart outlet”) and fill out the details.

As we mentioned in our Betabound webinar last week, these Test Platforms are now live so if you own a smart switch/outlet or a smart irrigation controller, log into your profile and update today. 

As a reminder, you can increase the likelihood of being selected for one of our exclusive Betabound opportunities by making sure your test platforms are as complete and up-to-date as possible.

Log in and update your test platforms today!