New Community Survey on Wearable Fitness Trackers

UPDATE: Thanks to your enthusiasm we have reached the number of respondents we need for this survey. Please stay tuned — we’ll be posting the results on the blog soon!

Betabound is launching a new community survey, and the topic is health and fitness wearables! As many of you know, there has been an explosion in tech wearables over the last few years. In fact, wearable technology is one of the fastest growing sectors in the tech industry today, and seems to only be getting more popular.

Things have come a long way since groundbreaking products like Google Glass showed us the promise of wearable tech. Since then, tons of new products have flooded the market, and many of them are pretty exciting. New products like the Apple Watch and Fitbit are changing the way people are interacting with technology in their everyday lives, and now we want to hear about your experiences!

With around a quarter of new tech wearables being health and fitness trackers odds are, if you currently own a wearable, it’s probably fitness related. For that reason, Betabound’s new survey will focus on the many new health and fitness trackers on the market. If you’ve owned or used a Fitbit, Nike Fuelband, or something similar, we want your thoughts. If you use a smart watch (like the Apple Watch) to track your fitness, that counts too!

Betabound regularly surveys its testers about the latest tech topics and trends. Surveys are a great tool for us to gain insight into the lives and interests of our community members. They also help us identify community interests, which in turn, help us run better beta tests for those products. We hope you’ll take part in our community survey on wearable fitness trackers. When you do, you could be one of ten survey takers who will get a prize for contributing! If you would like to see previous surveys, like our most recent one about Betabound cord cutters, check out the results on our blog!

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