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We collect, organize, and offer great beta testing opportunities.

Welcome to Betabound

For more than 10 years Centercode has offered hundreds of beta testing opportunities to thousands of early adopters via Betabound is the next generation of OnlineBeta. Our new experience offers access to a far greater collection of betas hosted not only by Centercode and our partners, but also other companies and products of all types.

So what's new?

In addition to our ongoing curated listed of daily beta tests on the new homepage (which you can filter to your own tastes), we've also rolled out a brand new Beta Tester Blog written specifically for you, with weekly content planned.

Most importantly, Betabound is built on a preview version of our upcoming next generation beta test management platform. Our new system offers a much more open and collaborative beta testing experience, with voting, open discussions, predictive feedback matching, and more. In addition the entire interface is now mobile and tablet optimized, making it easier than ever to participate from anywhere.

What about my existing account?

Your user account is still active and available. If you've participated in prior tests, your performance record and feedback is maintained. If you'd like to skip the new homepage then you can bookmark to access our login page directly.

Important: As part of our update we're refreshing all of our Profiles and Test Platforms. In other words, on your first login you'll need to tell us about yourself and the products you own one more time. We apologize for the inconvenience, but the updated information will help us better match you to great opportunities.

Will I still receive e-mail about beta opportunities?

Absolutely. While anyone will have access to the ongoing list of opportunities via our new homepage and social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Reddit), only our members will have early access to Betabound Exclusive and Centercode Partner opportunities via our targeted e-mail announcements.

What's a Betabound Exclusive?

Betabound Exclusive Opportunities are beta tests which we've been contracted to manage on behalf of other companies; a.k.a. the traditional tests. These include products of all types including hardware, software, games, apps, and web sites.

What's a Centercode Partner?

Centercode partners are companies who've licensed our beta test management platform (the same system OnlineBeta/Betabound is built on) to run their own beta tests. These are companies who believe strongly in customer feedback, and have reached out to us to help them find enthusiastic testers for their products.

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We appreciate your interest and look forward to your feedback,

Emily Hossellman

Marketing Director

Centercode // Betabound