Processing Your Feedback

We recently discussed the types of feedback we collect during our exclusive testing opportunities – but have you ever wondered what happens to that piece of information after you’ve submitted it?

First, your feedback needs to be processed by a test manager on the Betabound team before we present it to our clients. We need to make sure that your feedback fits certain criteria; your submission should be clear, complete, and useful to our clients.

Below are steps we take to ensure that your feedback is being delivered to the client efficiently, making a bigger impact on their product and its future success.

Validate Feedback: The first thing our Betabound team does is check to make sure that the feedback you just submitted is in the right place and is the correct feedback type. If you received a pair of headphones but don’t like the color of the model you’re testing and would like to change it, you’d submit an Idea. Our Issues feedback type is reserved for any bugs you encounter during testing. So, if the test manager saw this submitted as an Issue, they’d recategorize it as an Idea.

Confirm Originality: It’s very likely that testers will run into the same Issues or have similar Ideas about the product throughout the testing period, which leads to multiple testers accidentally reporting the same Issue. To avoid having repetitive pieces of feedback, the Betabound team will add your experience to an existing Idea or Issue, which will help let the developers know how common or uncommon some experiences are.

Verify Topic: Whenever you submit a piece of feedback, you’ll be asked to identify what aspect of the product you are reporting on. These aspects, or topics, will need to be verified by the Betabound team before we can continue. If you accidentally chose the wrong topic, our team will adjust this so our clients get the right information.

Set Severity: This step is only applicable to Issues. If you have recently submitted an Issue you found in the product, someone from the Betabound team will have to determine how much of an impact this Issue will have on your overall product experience. If this Issue is causing major problems, it will be prioritized so the client team can start to take action.

Leave a Thank You: The Betabound team will always add a comment on your feedback to let you know that it’s been received and that we appreciate your work.If it’s an Issue with a known workaround, we’ll let you know so it doesn’t interfere with the rest of your experience.

Once all of these steps have been taken, your piece of feedback will become public to other testers in the project space and will be sent to the client team. Any testers can comment and contribute their own experiences based on a piece of feedback, and we highly encourage collaboration. You might even hear back from the client team! 

Your feedback is important! We hope that understanding the process your feedback goes through will help you write better, clearer feedback. Taking the extra time to use punctuation, full sentence structure, and complete thoughts can go a long way in helping us maximize your input and get it to the client team as soon as possible. 

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