The Surprisingly Good Reason Why We Don’t Pay Beta Testers

Have you ever heard the saying, “too much of a good thing won’t be good for long?” The same principle applies to incentivizing beta testers. If you ask anyone committed to recreational interests or hobbies, they’ll tell you the most fulfilling thing about them is the personal satisfaction received from doing something for the sake of enjoyment.

For the most part, the reasons for being a beta tester follow the same idea. The vast majority of beta testers are made up of enthusiastic people who enjoy technology and are interested in using products before everyone else gets to. Once money gets involved, the basic ‘recreational’ quality loses its value. Beta tests are supposed to be fun and engaging, and the introduction of money often turns testers’ experience into a more formalized, task-oriented undertaking.

Money Affects Testing Quality

There are many reasons why testers test, but personal interest in the product, company, or industry is a big part of it. This is why beta tests are so effective — they allow for interested people to provide objective feedback that isn’t dictated by anything but the opinion of the tester. Once money is offered, however, tester feedback typically ends up reflecting those cash incentives instead of their experience with the product.

When a beta manager pays testers for each bug, then testers tend to only focus on bugs. When beta managers ask for mock reviews, testers may give positive reviews because they think that’s what beta managers want to hear (and what will get them on future tests).

Beta managers want you to integrate the beta product you’re testing into your daily life. If you are only testing the functionalities of the beta unit that you will get paid for, then the product is not being tested to its fullest potential. Ultimately, cash changes the focus of the testers and in turn, the value of their feedback (and not in a good way). Without unbiased feedback, it’s almost impossible for even the best beta managers to turn data gathered from a beta into real improvements to the product.

The Real Perks Of Beta Testing

The rewarding perks of being a beta tester far outweigh just getting cash.

Opportunities to Explore

As a Betabound tester, you get tons of opportunities to explore products that are specifically interesting to you. With other forms of software testing (like QA or crowdsourced testing) you often have to work with products that might or might not interest you. Being a beta tester with Betabound on the other hand will mean discovering products that you care about, and getting a sneak peek into upcoming technologies.

A Collaborative Community

Betabound is an international community (100,000 testers and growing!) of individuals who are passionate about emerging technologies. Our blog, Facebook, and Twitter pages feature posts on how to become a beta tester, t-shirt giveaways, tester networking, and more. Plus, Betabound members have the opportunity to get to know other like-minded testers while testing together within a beta test. Betabound is a community buzzing about beta, that definitely encourages testers to get in on the conversation about what excites them about testing and overall tech trends.

Building Your Testing Skills

By testing for Betabound, you can build your skills as a tester. Through our informative blog posts and variety of testing opportunities, you can learn how to provide better feedback, find bugs, and get selected for the tests you’re interested in. By honing your skills as a beta tester, you can even find bugs, and put your beta testing experience on your professional resume.

Cool Incentives

Aside from community engagement and personal fulfillment, Betabounders will often receive a unique incentive at the close of a beta test they actively participate in. These incentives can include gift cards, the beta unit, product discounts, other company products, swag bags, and t-shirts. These incentives are thoughtful rewards from development teams as a way to thank you for your stellar participation on their beta test.

Here at Betabound, we truly value the quality feedback you provide as a tester. Our community would not be what it is today without the hard work and thoughtful engagement of each and every tester. We want to take the opportunity to share our gratitude and let you know how happy we are to have you as a fellow Betabounder. We look forward to future tests with you!

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