What Motivates You? 2020 Edition!

We recently launched one of our favorite community surveys, and the results are in! Many of you took the 2020 edition of our “What Motivates You?” survey, which seeks to find out what it is about product testing that compels you to apply for our exciting tests and share your feedback.

Over 3,000 Betabounders took the survey this year to share their answers. As before, we’ve uncovered the secret behind your motivation to test. Let’s see how this year’s answers compare to our findings from 2014 and 2017.


We’re delighted to see that your top reason for testing is “To help improve the products I use” – which is consistent with the responses from this survey in previous years!

Betabound tests depend heavily on your experience and feedback to help shape products. By no surprise, this aligns with your top reason for testing. 43% of you stated that your reason for being a Betabounder is to help improve the products you use. Your motivation in this area has helped our clients know what is and isn’t working, to ensure that all issues are addressed and fine-tuned before their products are released.

When compared to previous years, we see an obvious trend as this continues to be the top reason to test.

What Motivates You? Community Survey Results through the years

Another key aspect of Betabound is getting early access to unreleased tech products. For 22% of you, this was the driving force in your motivation to test with us. There’s something very enticing about having a chance at peeking behind the curtain to see what technology is on the horizon.

While this was the popular choice in 2017, it’s still on the rise since 2014 and remains the second biggest reason that drives your passion for testing.

Learning about new product features (18%), receiving free products or incentives (11%), and growing professionally (3%) round out the less popular reasons to test. As you can see in the graph above, these options have fluctuated over time as being the main reason you like to test products — and we’re curious to see if a trend develops over time.

No matter what your main reason is for being a part of the Betabound community is, one thing is clear: Betabounders believe in the testing process and are genuinely excited to lend their experience with a product and provide helpful feedback to our clients.

Are you motivated to join Betabound? Become a tester now!