What’s OK to Share?

Confidentiality is something that we stress quite often to our Betabound community members. It plays a huge role in any private beta test, and it’s something that should be taken seriously by every tester, especially once you’ve signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). That said, it can be a bit confusing to determine exactly when you’ve crossed the line into the land of secrecy, especially at the beginning of the test.

First off, remember that in public beta tests you’re more than welcome to share anything at all about the product and your experience throughout the entire process (in fact, it’s highly encouraged), but during private betas secrecy is incredibly important. This is why many testers try to keep everything they hear about a beta test under wraps from start to finish. However, before a test has gotten underway, companies often prefer that you open up and spread the word about their upcoming test. So, let’s talk about what you can share when you hear about a cool, new testing opportunity.

What You Can Share

With Betabound Exclusives, you’ll receive a recruitment email with a link to a landing page. Both of these will have useful information about the beta test which will help you decide if you want to apply. It’s ok to share any of the information in this email and on the landing page with people you know. This means you can forward the email to friends, post the link on social media, or share the text on any forums that you frequent. This recruitment text is designed to be shared with others and not give anything away about the test.

Once you’ve applied for the test, however, you need to stop sharing information we send you. If one of our beta managers emails you to say that you’ve been selected to join the test, sharing that information could jeopardize your status as a beta tester. That means no going back to the forum and telling other posters you were selected or that the product was shipped to you. Once you’re in the test, you’re expected to keep the test a secret.

Why You’d Want to Share

So, why would you want to share the recruitment information with others? The main reason is because you like beta testing and want to share that experience with others, while strengthening the community you enjoy. Beta testing on its own is fun, but beta testing with your friends and colleagues is even more rewarding. You have the opportunity to share your excitement and discuss the beta product with people you know, which you otherwise aren’t allowed to do during a beta test. You get the chance to share a passion of yours with others that you usually need to keep under wraps.

Also, referring quality testers improves your standing in the community. Beta communities are always looking for diverse, enthusiastic beta testers and the testers that consistently spread the word and bring in fresh faces are quick to catch the eye of our team. We’ll often ask testers to refer people they know that might qualify for challenging or niche beta tests and even directly reward referrers with gift cards, which can be an added bonus.

While it may seem counterintuitive, referring other people to become testers helps your standing in the community, makes your testing experience more fun, and strengthens our community as a whole. So, if you know of someone that would be a good fit for a test, pass the info along! Tell your brother-in-law about the awesome new home security device test coming up, or get your computer whiz neighbor signed up for the new antivirus software test you just heard about. The larger our community gets, the more diverse it becomes, which allows us to run more tests for our community members. So don’t be afraid to spread the word!

Questions about what’s ok to talk about? Ask us in the comments below.

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