What’s OK to Share?

One of the most important aspects of product testing is confidentiality and it’s something we stress often to our Betabounders. Confidentiality plays a huge role in these private tests and should be taken seriously if you’re selected as a tester. Once you’ve signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), you cannot share test or product details with anyone.

But what happens if you want to let your loved ones know about an exciting opportunity, but you aren’t sure how much you can say about it? Here’s a guide letting you know what’s shareable.

What You Can Share

With Private Exclusives, you’ll receive an email from the Betabound team with a link to the opportunity’s landing page. Both the email and landing page have useful information about the test to help decide if you want to apply. It’s okay to share any of the information you see here, which means you can forward the recruitment email to friends, post the link on social media, or share the text on any forums that you frequent.

This recruitment text is designed to be shared with others and not give anything away about the test. Similarly, our Betabound Ambassador program will provide you with details that are safe to share with anyone regarding the referral opportunity.

Once you’ve applied for the test, however, you need to stop sharing any information we send you regarding the test. If one of our test managers emails you to say that you’ve been selected to join the test, sharing that information could jeopardize your status as a tester. That means no going back to the forum and telling other posters you were selected or that the product was shipped to you. Once you’re selected, you’re expected to keep the test a secret.

However, our Public Betabound Exclusives and third-party testing opportunities are a different story. You’re more than welcome to share anything about the product and your experience through the test. In fact, it’s highly encouraged!

Why You’d Want to Share

So, why would you want to share the recruitment information with others? Product testing on its own is fun, but testing with your friends and colleagues is even more rewarding. By spreading the word, you’ll share the experience with others and strengthen the Betabound community. If you’re selected to test with a friend, you’ll share your passion with others that you’d normally need to keep under wraps.

Our Betabound Ambassador Program will also help you spread the word. We’re always looking for diverse, enthusiastic testers to help us with our more challenging or niche recruitments and we will directly award referrers.  So, if you know of someone that would be a good fit for a test, pass the info along! If you haven’t joined the Ambassador Program yet, be sure to check it out!

Referring people to become testers makes your testing experience more fun and grows our community as a whole. So, if you know someone that would be a good fit for a particular test or Betabound and product testing in general, pass the info along! 

Still not sure about what you can share? Reach out to hello@betabound.com and we’ll be happy to clarify any additional questions.

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