When to Contact Your Test Manager

There’s a lot of communication that happens during our private Betabound Exclusives. You receive directions from the Test Manager, provide feedback on the product you’re testing, and interact with fellow Betabounders.

You’ll use the Centercode platform (either Betabound or one of our client’s own testing communities) to communicate throughout the test. We recently covered our best practices when providing feedback when submitting an Issue, Idea, or Praise — but what happens if you encounter a scenario that does not fit any of those feedback types?

The project space has a Support form that will become available as soon as you are selected to participate in one of our exclusive tests, and will remain open throughout the project. Here are some instances in which you might need to contact your Test Manager through this Support form.

Can’t access your test product?

Whether you’re participating in a hardware or software test, our goal is to get your test product to you in a timely fashion so you will be ready to test as soon as the project opens. For hardware tests, you’ll have a tracking number for your device. If your unit does not arrive when it should, let your Test Manager know as soon as possible. If needed, a new test unit can be sent out so you don’t miss out on any of the fun.

For software tests, if you’re having trouble accessing the software via the project site or through an app like TestFlight, be sure to let your Test Manager to know so they can find a proper solution or workaround. Given that many tests are only a few weeks long, it’s vital for you to maximize every possible day of the test period, so don’t wait to tell your Test Manager if you can’t access the product.

Expecting to be absent during a part of the test?

This is one of the biggest reasons to get in touch with your Test Manager. If you plan to be out of touch for any amount of time during the test, let your Test Manager know as soon as possible. If you disappear during a test, your Test Manager won’t know if you’re temporarily busy or if you aren’t able to participate. We understand that testers lead normal lives and have obligations that may temporarily affect their participation on a test, so it’s usually not a big deal. Letting the Test Manager know ahead of time simply helps them keep all their ducks in a row and will prevent them from removing you from the test.

Need to be removed from the test?

If something comes up and you need to be removed from a test for any reason, your Test Manager needs to know right away. This is so they can find a replacement tester, as well as give you instructions on how to return your test unit and all other related materials. The participation of each of our testers is very important to us and our clients, so if you know you won’t be able to participate in the test, please tell us as soon as you can.

Encounter an Issue that prevents further testing?

If you come across a debilitating Issue, or your test unit completely stops working, notify your Test Manager right away. They can sometimes help you fix the Issue or find a temporary workaround. If they can’t, they’ll help you return the broken unit and get a new one so you can continue testing. You’ll still need to fill out an Issue in the project, but directly contacting your Test Manager will give them an immediate heads-up that you aren’t currently able to test.

How We Help

After you’ve submitted a Support ticket and your Test Manager contacts you, be sure to respond in a timely manner. They might need to clarify more details or confirm your situation. Since tests are often run in very short amounts of time, the clock is always ticking. Every single day of testing must be maximized in order to get the product tested thoroughly so your ability to communicate these matters is greatly appreciated.

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