How Ambassadors Earn Rewards by Helping Us

We recently took a closer look at our Ambassador Program, including how to join the program and a brief tour of the Ambassador Project space. Thanks to our existing Ambassadors, this program has been instrumental in growing our community since 2019 through unique referral opportunities.

There are two types of Ambassador opportunities: Projects and Micro-communities. Each of these helps us grow in different ways. Let’s explore how these opportunities work and how Ambassadors have helped us so far and earned rewards along the way.

Project Opportunity

A Project opportunity is a chance to recruit a specific type of tester to join one of our Betabound Exclusive tests. While the majority of our tests have requirements that must be met, they are usually pretty common, especially among tech enthusiasts. You might need a high-speed internet connection or a smartphone.

Sometimes, our client is looking for a much more specific individual. They must not only meet the technical requirements but also something a little more unique.

Here’s a list of all of our Project opportunities so far:

  • Call center agents needed to test out an audio processing device
  • Existing TracFone mobile subscribers needed to test out a new Android device
  • Musicians who own Android devices needed to test out a mobile app
  • Video content creators living in San Diego, California to test out a video editing software
  • Gamers living in China needed to test out a gaming headset device
  • Spanish speakers needed to test out a video streaming service in the United States and Mexico
  • Visually impaired people needed to test out a music recording mobile phone app
  • Small business owners needed to test out a letter mailing business solution

These opportunities all revolve around finding someone that may be hard to find. You might know a musician or small business owner who’d be the perfect fit for one of our tests. If they’re not familiar with Betabound or beta testing, this is a perfect opportunity for an Ambassador to pass along the message and invite.

Micro-Community Opportunity

A Micro-community opportunity is a chance to recruit a specific group of people to join Betabound. These opportunities are not as immediate as our Project opportunities but they are just as important.

When we ask Ambassadors to help us grow these Micro-communities, we’re looking to expand our testing capabilities amongst groups that are under-represented within Betabound. We want to be able to accommodate testing opportunities for as many people as possible and this is a great way to invite people who haven’t heard about Betabound yet.

Here’s a list of all of our Micro-community opportunities so far:

  • People residing in Australia
  • People residing in Brazil
  • People who subscribe to pre-paid mobile phone carriers

As tech companies continue to grow their consumer base, they’ll be reaching into newer markets and we hope to keep up with their testing needs.

Whether it is a Project or Micro-community opportunity, each will have an accompanying Brief that will explain more details, including how to qualify for a referral reward. These Ambassador Briefs will be found within the Ambassador Project and you can reach out to us with any questions you may have at

We are grateful for our Ambassadors and all of their help. Our Ambassadors rely on their personal network to let them know about these exciting opportunities they would have otherwise not known about. We hope to have more chances to grow soon, so be on the lookout for upcoming Ambassador Project and Micro-Community opportunities!
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