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Here are the available beta testing opportunities based on your personal preferences.

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Voomie Public Beta

Voomie is a new live wallpaper app for Android that wakes your phone with your favorite video moments.

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Word Slider Public Beta

A single player word-creation game where players form linked words from jumbled letters in a grid.

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Zala Public Beta

Zala is a collaboration app that lets you chat, share checklists, and share files with your contacts.

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Emojics Public Beta

Emojics is a widget that helps to collect instant emoji feedback and leads, analyzing the users’ reaction.

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TableCruncher Public Beta

A lightning-fast CSV editor for Mac. TableCruncher is the tool to open, edit, convert, export, and save CSV files.

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Foreva Public Beta

Backup, Capture and Search your photos faster using artificial intelligence.

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Visitor Queue Beta Notification

Software that identifies the name, contact details and user data of the businesses that visit your website.

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Ollie Gift Card Private Beta

A Simple Cash Gift Card. The first gift card that allows choice on how much to Save, Spend, or Give.

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