Private Beta Tests

Beta tests that are closed to the public, typically requiring an application and approval.

4 Days Ago

Digital Door Lock Private Beta

A digital lock that removes the need for a key while providing a high-level security encryption.

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2 Days Ago

Home Monitoring Camera Private Beta

An internet-connected camera and mobile app for home monitoring and security.

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Avira Antivirus macOS Private Beta

Software that grants protection against Mac-related threats while preventing you from passing on PC viruses.

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3 Days Ago

Gamified Streaming Platform Private Beta

A platform that allows you to earn and spend points on your favourite movies, music, brands, and events.

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4 Days Ago
5 Days Ago

Camtasia Private Beta

Software for recording and editing webcam or screen-captured videos and sharing them with others.

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6 Days Ago

Aura Security System Private Beta

A two-piece system that plugs directly into the wall to monitor motion with wireless signals.

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2 Weeks Ago