How to Write High Quality Feedback

The greatest Betabound testers are easily identified as skilled communicators. Your ability to express your thoughts, expectations, and reactions in the form of feedback is what drives a test product into production.

As Test Managers and Product Developers review your input, high quality feedback is going to save you from the trouble of having to provide more clarification and/or being misunderstood entirely. In addition, you’ll be recognized as a great tester; setting a perfect example to other testers. This guide serves to equip you with the knowledge you need to successfully share feedback on your journey to becoming a top-notch tester.

Key Criteria

The following is the key criteria that we look for in high quality feedback:

  1. The Title is concise and easily summarizes the feedback.
  2. It focuses on a single Topic (an experience or feature).
  3. The Description (or Steps to Reproduce) is thorough and specific.

Keep in mind that if you have feedback that covers more than one Topic, be sure to submit separate feedback specific to each Topic you want to cover. A single submission should cover a single experience or feature.

This key criteria is common across the 3 primary feedback types that you’ll use in Betabound: Issues, Ideas, and Praise.

Submit Quality Issues

Did the product not work in the way you expected it to? Issues are where you’ll report anything that hinders your testing experience.

Your Issues will help us improve the product’s quality, compatibility, and overall performance. This allows the product team to fix anything that comes up during the test, before the product is released to the general public.

Below is an example of a high quality Issue:

Share Quality Ideas

Ideas are where you’re free to share anything that improves the way you use the product you’re testing, or any features that you feel should be included in the final product.

Any Ideas you report will help influence the product’s roadmap. Your perspective here allows the product team to add new features or improve upon existing ones.

Below is an example of a high quality Idea:

Give Quality Praise

Praise is a new feedback type where testers tell us what they love about a product. The best Praise feedback is focused on a single experience or attribute (you’ll have to select a topic to categorize your Praise) and explains in a few sentences (or more) what about the feature or experience made you want to provide the positive feedback.

Your high quality feedback here helps guide the product in the right direction, based on the features that stand out.

Below is an example of a high quality Praise:

By ensuring your Issues, Ideas, and Praise reflect the examples we’ve shared here, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an outstanding Betabound tester. Remember to keep your Title concise, focus on a single Topic, and have a thorough and specific Description (or Steps to Reproduce).

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