4 Days Ago

Taste Public Beta

A platform that tracks your food expenses and tailors personalized dining recommendations.

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6 Days Ago

Focus Private Beta

The ultimate productivity app that’s guaranteed to increase your odds of achieving your goals.

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1 Week Ago

TUBBR Private Beta

TUBBR is a place to showcase your stories and collaborate with people on things you love.

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2 Weeks Ago

ARRIS Modem & WiFi Router Private Beta

ARRIS is looking for smartphone users to test their cable modem with a built-in WiFi router and mobile app.

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Wabbler Public Beta

A word game you can play against family and friends and enjoy a good match, no matter your skill level.

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Rude Racers Public Beta

Action-packed bike racing and combat game inspired by Road Rash for Android and iOS!

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Reason8 Public Beta

AI-powered service for automatic note taking and preparation of summaries for in-person business meetings.

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