Why Haven’t I Been Selected for a Test Yet?

Perhaps the most popular question we received here at Betabound is “why haven’t I been selected for a test yet?” Our exclusive testing opportunities involve some of the most exciting unreleased tech products so it’s no surprise that we received hundreds, if not thousands of applications for each exclusive opportunity we post. 

We understand how frustrating the waiting game can be after applying to a test. So, we’d like to share a few of the reasons why you might not have been picked to join one of our Betabound exclusives.

Not a Member Yet? 

Let’s start with the simplest reason. If you haven’t joined Betabound, then you aren’t hearing about all of our exclusive testing opportunities. Once your account is activated, we’ll email you when there’s a Betabound Exclusive we think you might be a good fit for — so be sure to check your email inbox on a regular basis! 

Since Betabound Exclusives depend on our clients’ testing schedules, it can be a couple of weeks or months before you receive an email from our team, so please be patient. If you’re interested in getting started testing right away, you can always check out our homepage for available testing opportunities from both our clients and other companies seeking enthusiastic testers as well.

Profile Out of Date?

As a Betabounder, it’s important to ensure your account is up-to-date. For example, did you move to a new city? A new country? Even just across the street? Then, be sure to update your residential address. If you forgot to let us know you moved from Seattle to Los Angeles, you’ll still receive opportunities that are exclusive to your old residence. By updating your address, you’ll be privy to any tests that are exclusive to your new city. 

Or, did you upgrade your smartphone? We target testers based on the tech products they already own. So if your Test Platform is an Android, but you upgraded to the latest iPhone, then we won’t know to email you with our latest iPhone testing opportunities. It never hurts to log in and double-check that your account is fully updated!

What Do You Want to Test?

When you first joined Betabound, you may have rushed through the Testing Interests section of your Basic Profile — we recommend logging back into your account and taking a second look. Ultimately, the more boxes you check, the more often you’ll receive emails from our team. 

Maybe you aren’t that interested in Health and Fitness or IT and Networking. That’s ok! When you receive an email from the Betabound team, you can always choose whether or not to join that particular testing opportunity. But who knows, you might receive an email for an especially intriguing product from one of those categories! Better to have the option of opting out than not getting notified at all.

Not an Active Betabounder?

When was the last time you logged into Betabound? If you can’t remember, then your Betabound account may look inactive in our system. Log into your Betabound account and see what’s new.

We may have a new community survey or public Betabound Exclusive you can join. Participating in these engagements shows us you’re an active tester that’s invested in the community, so you’re more likely to get noticed when applying to our private Betabound Exclusives.

This section often gets overlooked, but don’t underestimate the power that staying active within Betabound can have! Our Test Managers love picking candidates who have shown their willingness to participate in a variety of activities within Betabound.

Rushing Through an Application?

We’ve all been there. You just received an email inviting you to a private Betabound Exclusive for one of our awesome clients and you’re super excited. Our open-ended question at the end of most of our surveys is a great way to showcase what makes you stand out amongst countless other applicants but it can also be easy to miss. Don’t be afraid to use your past experiences with similar products or announce your enthusiasm and let us know why you wanted to apply for this particular test.

Although we appreciate your enthusiasm for testing, rushing through an application just to submit it can greatly affect your chances of being selected.

Not only that, but you’d also be shocked by the number of applications our test managers receive that are riddled with typos and poor grammar — many of which are incomprehensible. It’s important to double-check (and even triple-check) the applications you submit! The best testers should be able to communicate their thoughts about, and experiences with, a product very clearly.

Not Getting Our Emails?

If the emails from our team are going into your spam folder, then you aren’t hearing about all of our great testing opportunities. Make sure you whitelist (or mark as “not spam”) betacall@betabound.com and hello@betabound.com in your email inbox. That way, you can ensure you aren’t missing out on testing opportunities from our team!

Haven’t Contacted the Team?

Betabound is a community and we care about communicating with our testers. If you feel like your submitted applications are getting seriously overlooked or that something may be wrong with your account, then we encourage you to email us at hello@betabound.com. We’re always happy to double-check that your profile is good-to-go and give you that peace of mind. However, we won’t necessarily know that something’s wrong unless you reach out to us directly.

If you’ve been wondering why you haven’t been selected for one of our private Betabound Exclusives, then we hope this blog post offers some helpful pointers. Again, even if you’re doing everything “right”, our tests are still very competitive since our clients are always seeking different types of testers for their products — so hang in there!

As a reminder, you can search for all of our available testing opportunities (not just our private Betabound Exclusives) by checking our homepage and social media channels for the most recently posted opportunities. These testing opportunities are from both our clients and other companies seeking enthusiastic testers, and you can join many of them same-day.

Been a while? Log back into Betabound now!