5 Ways to Get More Involved with Betabound

We know how eager you are to be testing 24/7, but unfortunately, it’s impossible to be selected for every test you apply for. Our private Betabound Exclusives are not only competitive, but our clients recruit for different tester demographics each time. So we wanted to recommend some different ways you can get involved with the Betabound community aside from participating in a beta test, that are still social, educational, and demonstrate your enthusiasm as a tester! Below are five ways you can get more involved with Betabound and get the most out of your testing experience within our community.

1. Check Our Homepage

Every day, our team updates the Betabound homepage with an array of available testing opportunities from our clients and other companies seeking enthusiastic testers. Whether you’re actively seeking a particular type of beta test (like a video game), or just browsing for beta tests that might interest you, regularly checking the homepage is a great way to stay up-to-date with our latest opportunities. Also, many of the beta tests on our homepage let you get started testing right away, so it’s important to check back regularly so you don’t miss any interesting testing opportunities! We recommend bookmarking the Betabound homepage to help you remember to periodically swing by the site.

2. Follow Us on Social Media

Another terrific way to keep tabs on our available beta tests is through social media. You may be surprised to learn that we have Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, and Google+ accounts where we regularly share current beta testing opportunities, blog posts, tester tips, polls, giveaways, and the behind-the-scenes of Betabound. On Twitter especially, you can easily connect with other like-minded testers and product developers that are just as excited about Betabound as you are (just be sure that while you’re on social media, avoid violating any NDAs you’ve signed while participating in one of our tests)!

3. Comment on Blog Posts

Did you know we regularly publish posts on our Beta Tester Blog with tips and tricks for testers? We’ve covered topics on boosting your chances of getting selected, testers’ top 10 questions, mastering the written portion of your test application, and more! A great way to get more involved with the Betabound community is to comment on these blog posts. Our team loves reading your comments and questions since this forum is a great way to get to know you. It’s this sort of engagement that really fosters a strong sense of community — so feel free to comment below this post too!

4. Look for Community Surveys

When you log into Betabound, be sure to check for any active community surveys from our team. If there’s an available survey for you to take, it will appear under “Community Surveys” on the left side of your screen. These surveys help us see how Betabounders are responding to different trends in the tech world, and they’re good practice for you on giving quality feedback during our beta tests. In most cases, we’ll also raffle off some cool prizes as part of the survey – so keep your eyes peeled!

5. Refer a Friend

You can now refer your buds to Betabound! To refer your co-workers, family, friends, neighbors (you name it!) to Betabound, simply log into your account and click Refer a Friend on the left side of your screen. By using the referral system, your account gets credit for everyone that joins the community because of your efforts. Plus, it’s fun to test alongside individuals you know who share your love of tech, so the more the merrier!

When you aren’t actively participating in one of our beta tests, try getting involved with the Betabound community in one of these ways! You never know what new testing opportunity, blog post, tester tip, or friend you’ll discover on our site.

Ready to get started? Refer your first friend now!