Become a Betabound Ambassador

While you can refer people to Betabound at any time, we’ve created the Ambassador Program, a more structured and clear way to get your friends and family involved in product testing and to earn rewards while doing so.

The Ambassador Program was created last year to help us grow Betabound. We have a huge community of testers but sometimes, our clients are looking for very specific groups of people to try out their unreleased products. That’s where you’ll come in!

How to Join

When filling out your Extended Profile, you’ll be asked if you are interested in joining the Ambassador Program. Click the box (as shown below) to proceed. If you’ve already filled out your Extended Profile, you can simply update this page if you missed it the first time around.

You’ll then see an Ambassador Project under the “My Applications” section on your Betabound homepage. Click on the project link to finish the signup process and you’re set! Here’s a quick tour of the Ambassador Project’s homepage to help you get acquainted.


You’ll find the most up to date information about the Ambassador Program right on the homepage. We provide links to all of our past Betabound webinars, which cover a variety of topics and any major updates to the Ambassador programs and general Betabound updates. If you’d like to view our past webinars, feel free to visit our YouTube channel


As an Ambassador, you can join lively discussions with fellow Ambassadors and members of the Betabound team. We post discussions regularly and answer any questions you may have. 


This section features one of the most important features of our Ambassador Program: your Ambassador Code! This code is a randomly generated phrase that is unique to your Betabound profile. If you are referring someone to an Ambassador opportunity, you’ll need to share your Ambassador Code with them. Without this code, we don’t have a way to tie a referral back to you so make sure you pass this along. 

Ambassador Briefs

All of our current referral opportunities will be published as an Ambassador Brief. Briefs will include either a chance to recruit someone to join a test for a specific product or to recruit a number of people to fill out a specific demographic we are looking to expand within Betabound. These Briefs will also include all of the details you’ll need to share with your friends and family about an opportunity; who we are looking for, what your reward is, and how they should apply. We’ll even include an example of the messaging you should use when referring someone to an opportunity.

We appreciate your commitment to helping us grow. If you haven’t already joined the Ambassador Project and want a way to be more involved in our community, don’t miss out on this!
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