Expand Your Testing with an Extended Profile

Once you’ve signed up for Betabound and are filling out your basic profile, it might be easy to skip the option to fill out an Extended Profile. After all, you’re excited to get started with one of our many exclusive tests and we need to know what your interests are before we can invite you to these popular opportunities.

Visit your Basic Profile and click on the box above to gain access to your Extended Profile

But if you’d like to be invited to more unique testing opportunities, it’s important to fill out your Extended Profile so we know what kind of tests you’re eligible for. Our Basic Profile collects your general interests, but the Extended Profile collects details that tend to be requirements for our exclusive opportunities. 

You’ll see an icon next to any field that requires you to provide us with personal identifying information. If you leave the Betabound community, this information will be erased. You can view more details about our privacy policy here.


Some of our Betabound Exclusives are hardware tests, meaning you’ll receive an unreleased physical product. One of the requirements to apply to this kind of test is to provide us with your address and the best way to contact you.

We’ll send any hardware to the address you’ve provided, so be sure to update this if you’ve moved recently or changed your phone number. We don’t want to accidentally send a product to the wrong address or not have a way of contacting you directly if something happens to your delivery.

About You

This section will ask about your native (and any secondary) language you speak. Some of our Betabound Exclusives need native speakers to certain languages, so this information is very important when we reach out for these testing opportunities. 

If you’ve mentioned that Spanish is your native language and we have a test that is looking for Spanish speakers to try out a new mobile app and check this app’s language quality, you’d be a great fit! If you speak more than one language, please let us know your fluency. 


We’ll also collect details about your home to see what kind of test opportunities we can reach out to you with. 

A past Exclusive required testers to install a water heater in their homes. So, we specifically targeted homeowners, since they typically have the permission to install equipment like this. We also may look to see if you have any children in your home for certain Exclusive tests, like children’s smart products or toys. 



Similarly, your work experience can come in handy when our clients are looking for specific testers to provide the best feedback possible for their unreleased product. 


This section lets us know more about your general experience with technology. A client might have a product in an early stage of development and are still trying to find all of the bugs that may be hidden from their development team. If you are someone who likes to install and build their own computers or likes to read crash logs to figure out an issue, you might be better suited to an Exclusive that require a more in-depth experience with the testing product. 

Above is an example of a Betabounder who might be better suited for an Exclusive opportunity featuring a product that’s very close to its public release. The product should be used as if you just purchased it from a store and your feedback will help a client understand how it fits into your daily life and your overall thoughts on this product.

Betabound Ambassador

Lastly, we’ll ask if you’d like to join our Betabound Ambassador program. Sometimes, the information we collect here in the Extended Profile isn’t enough.

Our client might need a very specific group of people they need to test their product. In those cases, we’d love your help – and you’ll earn rewards for participating! 

You can learn more about our Ambassador Program here.

Now that you know about the benefits of an Extended Profile, be sure to update yours today!

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