Betabounders Get Fit with Wearables

Recently, we announced a new survey asking about how you use fitness wearables. Within a few days, two thousand members of our community from all around the world gave their feedback! After some analysis from our team, the results are in.

You gave us feedback on 26 brands and over 100 different fitness wearable devices, giving us valuable insight into how these devices are integrating into your everyday lives. You also told us a lot about what you like and dislike about the fitness trackers you currently use, as well as what features you’d like to see in future versions of these products. Check out this infographic below for the full picture of what our community had to say.

Centercode Health and Fitness Wearables Infographic

We randomly selected ten respondents to receive a special prize! Here is a list of the winners:

Ashley, OR
Kurt, AZ
Patrick, IN
Jennifer, MI
Abbe, CA

Michael, BC
Derek, KS
Anissa, CT
Bryan, MA
Ashley, TN

We would also like to say thank you to everyone who participated in our fitness wearables survey. Surveys are a great way for us to gain insight into the lives and interests of our community members. They also identify community interests, which helps us run better beta tests for those products. We hope you’ll take part in future community surveys to help us shape and improve Betabound for everyone!

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