What Is Beta Testing?

A beta test is a project a company runs to collect feedback on its unreleased product from real people using the product in their homes or businesses. During a beta test, feedback about the unreleased product is collected from testers. This feedback is then used to improve the product before it’s launched.

It’s a chance to get the product into the hands of real people in real environments to see how they use it and what kinds of problems they run into. It’s usually one of the final tasks for a company before launching their product.

All kinds of technology products are beta tested before release — hardware, software, mobile apps, and games all benefit from being tested before launch. As a result, you’ll find a wide variety of beta tests on Betabound, from niche apps that are looking for a very specific group of testers to large public betas where companies want anyone to take their product for a spin.

What Companies Look for in Beta Testers

Since every product has a different target market, every beta test requires different beta testers. Typically, companies are looking for testers that care about the product, and will devote the time to thoroughly use and give feedback on their experience using the product.

For example, a company behind a new smart home product would probably be looking for testers who are homeowners that already own a smart home product. The company would be seeking such testers because these demographics imply the testers are 1) able to install the new product (since they’re homeowners) and 2) are passionate about this type of technology (since they already invested in smart home tech in their own home).

What Beta Testers Actually Do

Every beta test is going to be different since every beta product is different. The one constant is that beta testers are expected to use the product and give feedback on it. Using the product could mean completing specific tasks or just using it however you normally would. Feedback can take the form of surveys, forums, bug reports, or just emailing the beta team with anything that comes up. Here are some suggestions on being a great beta tester.

How to Become a Beta Tester

You can become a beta tester by joining Betabound. Once your account has been activated, we’ll email you when there’s a Betabound Exclusive that we think you might be a good fit for. In the email, we’ll give you information about the beta testing opportunity, as well as how you can apply — so be sure to check your email inbox regularly! If you’re selected as a tester for that opportunity, you’ll hear from our team regarding next steps.

If you’re interested in getting started beta testing right away, you can check out our homepage for available testing opportunities from both our clients and other companies seeking enthusiastic testers. Every company listed on Betabound is looking for beta testers. If one of them interests you, clicking on the button in the posted test will take you directly to the company’s beta test application page. As a reminder, only Betabound community members will be able to apply to our Betabound Exclusives — so it’s worthwhile to take your testing one step further and join our community!

If you have any questions about beta testing or joining our community, please email us at hello@betabound.com or comment below.

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