The Value of Our Tester Community

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, we wanted to take the time to thank you all for being a part of the Betabound family!

Most of you discovered our community because you genuinely wanted to help improve the tech products you already use. For that, we thank you! Our clients are consistently impressed by the enthusiasm, intellect, helpfulness, and charisma apparent within our testers’ participation and product feedback. We like to think companies seek us out because of our robust beta test management services, but stay because of the heart of our community.

No company can grow without the support of an awesome community of dedicated users — Betabound included! We wouldn’t be able to offer beta testing opportunities for the array of products we support (smart lights to TVs to baby wearables to smart ovens — oh my!) without our ever-growing community.

Betabounders represent a wide diversity of demographics, testing interests, platforms, and experiences. Our testers aren’t cookie-cutter, and neither are the products we have available to test. Your unique perspectives have helped product developers uncover bugs, fine-tune their design, dream up new features, and develop launch strategies. Every product developer questions if their product can improve its users’ lives in some way, and your feedback helps them answer that question.

In fact, we have completed hundreds of Betabound Exclusive Tests over the past few years with the help of your participation and feedback! These are beta tests that are run by the Centercode managed betas team, where our beta managers collaborate with testers one-on-one to gather the feedback product developers need to successfully launch their product.

So this Thanksgiving, we wanted to say thank you. We greatly appreciate you joining our community, participating in our beta tests, and sharing your thoughts on the products you beta test. By exploring the emerging technologies presented within our community, you’re helping to improve the worldwide technology landscape. So, we love that you share the same passions for tech and helpfulness that run through our team as well.

Thank you for your involvement in our beta tester community. If you have any questions about Betabound or how you could get more involved, please comment below or email us at

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